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"For me, being a Marriage and Family Therapist is the culmination of life experiences and I am honored to be of service"

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the Skinner Group LLC.

Post Masters Training

I was a paid intern for the Psychological Services Group in Northern California which was the gold standard in care for the first responder population.


BA San Francisco State University, San Francisco Ca

MA John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, Ca


I am a medically retired law enforcement officer who worked for over a decade in patrol, investigations, was a field training officer as well as Hostage Negotiations team member, a member of the rifle team as well as an acting watch commander.  I have owned and operated Skinner Group LLC since 2012 with the focus of practice being on our first responder population and after moving to Tennessee have found that there is a need for culturally competent therapists to work with this underserved group of people.  I have been conducting online therapy since 2017 and have found it not only to be an effective form of treatment but also an economical one.  I have conducted numerous critical incident stress debriefings, responded to line of duty deaths and have developed training courses regarding PTSD, cumulative stress and leadership.

I also have extensive experience working with victims of crime not only in my law enforcement career but as a victim advocate for the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office.  

My psychotherapy work has not been exclusive to the first responder population, although that is an area of expertise.  I routinely work with individuals and couples who are facing difficult times.  I am well versed in all the major theoretical orientations but have found myself drawn to cognitive behavioral therapy.

Whether you are facing significant challenges in your life or are just looking for another perspective, I am happy to help.

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