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Getting reimbursed by your insurance

Let's be honest, insurance companies can be a hassle to deal with. You can see this person but not that one, take this medication but not that one and when you have a question, you get referred to a manual that was written by a team of lawyers.

The biggest reason many therapists don't accept insurance is because of the time that it takes to sift through seemingly endless phone trees and denial letters but it looks like the tide is beginning to change.

I recently had a conversation with a company in the Bay Area called Get Better who can act as your agent and get you reimbursed for the cost you have already paid for therapy. Here's how it works:

1) Download the app at

2) Add your insurance information (please note that HMO's do not reimburse)

3) Add your superbills that are generated at the end of each month (you can take a picture with your phone)

4) Wait for your reimbursement

If is unable to recuperate any funds, you owe nothing! There is no fee to you if they can't get a reimbursement. If they are able to get a reimbursement then a fee of %10 is taken out. I don't know about you, but a %10 fee to avoid spending all of that time fighting insurance sounds like a good deal.

We are happy to partner with as it is a company that will assist our clients in getting the support and reimbursement that they need to continue in the therapeutic process. Also, skinnergroupllc does not receive any financial compensation of any kind from but knowing that our clients will be supported is payment enough.

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